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ShelterOps® is a free (open source) PHP based software program to manage animal operations for animal welfare organizations, animal shelters, animal rescues, wildlife rescue/rehabilitation facilities, animal control agencies (ACOs), municipalities and any other entities that need to track animal intake, dispositions, medical procedures, assessment, disaster response, etc.  It offers a basic Point Of Sale (POS) … Continue Reading

Updating ShelterOps

  Users with Setup permissions can view the ShelterOps About screen (located on the home screen) to determine if newer releases are available.  It is strongly recommended that you create a full backup of your ShelterOps files as well as database before installing updates.  View the CHANGELOG.txt file prior to updating.    If any other … Continue Reading

Known Issues

Some versions of Chrome do not print or prints blank pages

Animal Customization

  The Medical, Assessment, and Adoption sections of the Animals module can be programically extended to include custom information and/or functionality.  These customizations can be  accomplished by modifying the corresponding files located in the /modules/animals/custom folder. Additional custom reports can be created.  Custom reports should be stored in the /modules/animals/custom folder.  ShelterOps will search the … Continue Reading

Troubleshooting Common Issues

My PIN is suddenly not being accepted If your correct PIN number is displayed in the “Invalid PIN Number” error dialog box and you were previously able to enter or modify data using your PIN number and you are on the same computer that previously accepted your PIN number, there may be a temporary delay … Continue Reading


Several user actions are captured by the audit log for tracking purposes.  This includes Setup modifications, Editing/Deleting within the Animals module and Deletions in the Transactions module (both sales items and invoices).  The Animal audit functionality has been configured so that edits are tracked at the two most recent entries; this measure was put in … Continue Reading

Security Settings

ShelterOps is designed to require a username and password to log in.  Once logged in, a user can only access modules in which the user has been given permission.  Access permissions can be defined per user for each module from within the Users module, with additional admin level permission also available (Delete, Reports, Users, Setup, … Continue Reading

Animals Overview

The optional Animals module is one of the larger modules within ShelterOps, and contains several additional module options (Add-ons). Features Track Intake, Assessment and Disposition data Optional Asilomar, Foster and Medical tracking Optionally assign animals to different organizations (if more than one client location is configured) Status Bar – displays custom flags/alerts from Assessment, Medical, … Continue Reading

Wildlife Overview