Add a license at adoption


streamline workflow and financial transactions, users can add a new
license while processing an animal adoption and use the same invoice to
process both the adoption fees as well as the license fees.  

order to add a license to an adoption transaction, the adoption
Disposition contract and an invoice for adoption fees must first be
created.  No payment should be added at this point. 

Once the
contract and corresponding invoice has been created, a link “Add
License” will  appear on the adoption Disposition screen which will open
a new window in the Tags/Licenses module and allows users to process a
license that is prepopulated with the client and animal information. 
Once the new license has been generated, the license fee will
automatically be added to the adoption invoice.  From the animal’s
adoption Disposition screen, a payment for the adoption and license fees
can now be processed from the same invoice by clicking the “Add
Payment” button below the adoption invoice.

Category: Animals - How To ShelterOps