Category: Transactions – How To

Deleting An Invoice

An invoice can be deleted by users with Delete permissions. An invoice can only be deleted after all payments and sales items have been deleted.  A notice will display if there payments or sales items are associated with the invoice. You must first delete the associated payment, then you will be able to delete the … Continue Reading

Editing Invoices, Items And Payments

Invoice Items The following options are available on the Invoice screen after an invoice has been created: Adding a new item Returning an item (if a payment greater than $0 has been tendered) Deleting an item (if no payment or a payment equaling $0 has been tendered) Returning and deleting items is captured and stored … Continue Reading

Modify A Transaction Date Or Location

If you need to modify the date of a financial transaction, or modify the location (if you have multiple locations set up), navigate to Transactions => Settings and select “Modify Sales Location/Date”.  You will need to enter the invoice number for the transaction, the correct date and the correct location for the transaction.

Returns And Refunds

Once a transaction has been completed (payment received) and total payment amount is greater than zero, you are no longer able to delete items.  If you need to return an item (remove the charge from an invoice), visit the transaction’s Invoice screen and select the Return tab.  Click on the “Return Item” next to the … Continue Reading