Server Configuration

PHP 5.4 or higher
MySQL 5.5 or higher

User Browser/Intranet/Anti Virus Considerations

ShelterOps is a web-based software application which users access via their web browser.  It has been designed to be cross-browser compatible on desktops using Internet Explorer 10+, Chrome and Firefox.  It can be accessed using mobile devices, but it may look or function differently especially on older mobile device operating systems that do not have javascript capability.

ShelterOps utilizes javascript and has been tested for browser compatibility in the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.  Accessing ShelterOps using older browsers or those with javascript/cookies disabled will be unable to utilize some of the functionality within ShelterOps. Modal dialog windows and print functions may not function if pop-up windows are disabled/blocked.  Users accessing ShelterOps using an intranet may need to add the URL to their installation of ShelterOps to their browser’s Trusted Sites list, their anti-virus program or internal server security settings.  


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