Installing ShelterOps


To install ShelterOps, create a MySQL database and a user for that database.    Once the database has been created, access the new MySQL database with a program such as phpMyAdmin and import the ShelterOps.sql file, which is located in the /install folder.

You will need to add your MySQL database name and user credentials to the config.php file.

You will also need to edit the config.php file to include your domain name in the DOMAIN field.  If your installation of ShelterOps is located in a subdirectory, define its path in the BASE field. 

Once your MySQL database has been created and the config.php file has been updated, upload all the ShelterOps files EXCEPT the shelterops.sql file to your server using an FTP program.  CHMOD the config.php file to 444.

Test your installation by navigating to the main.php file in the ShelterOps directory of your server.

The README.txt file included with ShelterOps contains the login credentials and additional information you will need to set up and configure ShelterOps for your organization.

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