Browser Compatibility

ShelterOps utilizes jQuery 1.9.1 and has been tested for cross-browser compatibility in the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

Older computers or those running older versions of browsers may experience issues with functionality, layout/appearance, and/or data submission issues.

The quickest way to differentiate whether an issue is computer/workstation-related or software-related is when the issue affects some, but not all, users and the issue occurs on some, but not all, workstations.


TroubleShooting Workstation-Specific Settings: Other issues which may affect functionality include anti-malware settings, anti-virus settings, internal network security settings, and browser settings. All these settings can be unique/different for each workstation. Data may be blocked or delayed if an anti-virus or anti-malware pre-checks and/or decides to prohibit data from being exchanged with a website when using javascript. Or a user may have enabled a pop-up blocker on their computer. Shelterops uses jQuery popups to load comments, medical procedures, selecting clients, as well as in some print functions. Most of these setting configurations are unique and specific to each workstation and can typically be resolved by your IT staff. The software is unable to modify or override workstation settings or configurations.

Computer Hardware: Computers that frequently experience issues with data exchange in which no results or an error is returned (entering a correct PIN, Client searches, etc) may require upgrades. Data that uses javascript processing may not be getting sent to your web server in time for proper validation (due to a slow CPU), or data was entered prior to the computer screen completely loading the javascript functionality (javascript and jQuery load last on browser screens). On those workstations experiencing issues, they may need additional memory, a faster CPU, or as simple as asking users to allow a page to completely load prior to entering data.

Known Browser Issues: Some current browser versions have known bugs. For example, the newest release of Chrome overrides the computer’s print function, leaving many users with blank print screens. A recent release of Firefox ignores print breaks and any content that extends beyond the current screen. Previous versions of Internet Explorer will insert random print breaks in between pages (especially if header or footer settings are defined by the workstation), resulting in the printing of blank pages. A few (although very few) of these known bugs can be mitigated by installing temporary fixes at the network level (there is a Microsoft fix for erratic IE page breaks), but most unfortunately require waiting for a newer version of the browser to be released and then installed on the workstation.

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