Troubleshooting Common Issues

My PIN is suddenly not being accepted

If your correct PIN number is displayed in the “Invalid PIN Number” error dialog box and you were previously able to enter or modify data using your PIN number and you are on the same computer that previously accepted your PIN number, there may be a temporary delay in how quickly information/requests are being sent over the network.  This may be due to an available memory issue on your computer, the current load on your internal network (if you are on an intranet), or high network traffic on your ISP.  If other users are not experiencing the same issue, try closing out some other programs or windows on your computer, allow a page to fully load before entering your PIN, and enter your PIN slowly.  If you continue to experience issues, log into a computer in which other users are successfully entering their PIN numbers and test your PIN on that computer.

My forms are broken up and printing on several pages rather than single pages

You should Print Preview your forms and adjust your Margins as well as remove any Header or Footer text, until the pages print as desired.  If the breaks occur on your custom content, you will need to modify your custom content until it prints as desired.

Extra blank pages are printing out with my forms

If this only occurs on some (but not all) forms, ensure that there are no Margin or Header/Footer text in your Print Preview.  If this occurs with all documents, you may need to install the Microsoft Windows Fix for extra blank pages.  These are known bugs in both Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Getting redirected to home page after attempting to enter medical information

If your web server has ModSecurity enabled, certain words may trigger security rules.  This primarily occurs when entering pharmeceutical drug names that are commonly used in spam emails and posts (WAP 300061).  Visit ModSecurity Tools on your server to determine what rules are triggered.


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