Support Services

Would you like to conduct a needs assessment to help in deciding if ShelterOps is a good fit for your organization?  Don’t have technical staff available to install or setup the software for you?  For these or any other services, please contact us if you would like to contract Definity Group to assist.  Support services are provided on an hourly basis. Ongoing end user support, hosting, and maintenance/software update contracts are provided on a monthly or annual basis, as appropriate.  Free support is peer-based and can be found at the ShelterOps Discussion list located at

  • ShelterOps consulting
    • Needs assessments
    • General consultations
  • Installation
    • Install ShelterOps on your web server or ours
  • Configuration
    • Setup up ShelterOps so that you’re up and running quickly
  • Customization
    • Custom Theme or Branding
    • Custom reports
    • Custom exports
    • Custom functions
  • Data importation
    • Importing of your legacy data into ShelterOps
  • Hosting
  • End User Training


ShelterOps Data Conversion Services
Definity Group can assist in converting, mapping and importing your current data.  Conversions are processed in two phases and cost is dependent on the total number of records that are converted and imported.  The data conversion processes for Phase One and Phase Two typically takes 3-4 weeks and you will need to provide a backup of your existing data for each phase.  This is also the ideal time to begin developing SOPs related to ShelterOps data entry and inital staff training on the new software.

Phase One – Import Preparation
Time frame: 2-3 weeks
During Phase One, the steps necessary to convert, map and import your data will be developed using a backup of your existing data.  This process in necessary in preparing for a smooth transition for Phase Two.
Data Conversion –
Your existing data is converted to MySQL format
Your data is mapped to ShelterOps database structure
The mapped data is imported into the ShelterOps database and tested

Phase Two – Live Data Importation
Time frame: 1 week
During Phase Two, a new backup of your existing data import will be converted, mapped and imported based on the processes developed in Phase One.  Your organization will continue to use your old software during this period.  This will allow all data up to a week before launch to be included in your installation of ShelterOps.  The data you enter during the one week period of this final phase will need to be manually re-entered in ShelterOps once you go live.

ShelterOps Configuration Services
Definity Group can assist in you with the initial setup of ShelterOps and tailor it to your organization’s needs based on your responses to the Setup Worksheet.


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