Clients Setup

Client Cities

To setup the Clients module, you will first need to create Cities.  States are already included with the initial installation of ShelterOps.  Click on the Client Cities link on the Clients Setup page and enter all cities that might be associated with Client locations.  By default, only users with the “Setup” permission can enter new cities.  This ensures that the data remains consistent and prevents different variations or enteries of the same city.


Client Types

Client Types are optional and allow you to extend tracking of clients.  Click on the Client Types link on the Clients Setup page and enter all the client types that should be tracked.  This feature allows custom tracking and searching of your client types.  Commonly used Client Types include “Member”, “Staff”, “Volunteer”, “Donor”.  Client Types can also be configured to be Alert items.  If a Client Type is created and “Alert” is selected, this item will appear in the status bar for any client in which the Client Type is selected.


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