Category: Customization

Change The Display Name Of A Module

For example, if your organization would prefer to change the “Animal Control” module name  so that it displays the word “Incidents” or “Cases” rather than “Animal Control”, the name of a module and its display in the navigation menu can be changed by visiting the Settings page of the module and modifying the “Module Name” … Continue Reading

Theme Options

You can control the appearance of ShelterOps via Themes.  There are currently 4 optional themes available in ShelterOps.  Three additional themes are also being developed.  You can defined your preferred theme by accessing the Setup module and entering the theme name in the appropriate field. Themes shelterops BoldBlue shadesOfGray OfficialGreen

Printable Forms/Documents

Several modules within ShelterOps come with generic printable forms (documents).  These include the Transactions module (invoice), Animals (intake, adoption, requested euthanasia, etc), Wildlife (intake form), Traps (trap loan agreement), and Tags/Licenses modules.  Through the Setup screen of each module, you can add custom content to these documents.  This custom content will be displayed on the … Continue Reading


At this time, ShelterOps is intended for United States users.  Language localization is gradually being integrated.  Additionally, the Wildlife module is pre-loaded with North American species of wildlife.  Further development towards localization will be largely dependent on contributed code and will be made available through the SourceForge discussion platform.