Animal Dispositions

Dispositions track an animal’s status history within your organization. How your organization processes dispositions should be documented in your SOPs.

There are 12 disposition types included by default in Shelterops.  Dispositions are assigned a class in order to identify whether the disposition is an initial disposition, an interim disposition, or a final disposition.  The primary purpose of disposition classes is for data auditing purposes.  There can only be one initial disposition and only one final disposition, but there can be several interim dipositions.  Additionally, an error will be thrown in the Data Audit report if an interim disposition has been entered after a final disposition, or if an animal with an interim disposition is missing a location or an animal with a final disposition is still showing a location.

The most recent disposition entered for an animal is considered its current disposition status.   Changes to an individual animal’s disposition can be viewed on the animal’s Audit tab by users with Audit permissions if Audit is enabled under Animals >> Settings >> Module Setup.

Users with Setup permissions can add additional interim and final dispositions through the Animal Settings screen >> Manage Dispositions. 

Several of the default dispositions are preconfigured to include forms, or additional functionality.  Because of this, deleting default dispositions is not recommended. 

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