Custom Reports/Forms/Functionality


Custom Reports

You can add custom reports to the Animals module by creating your report and uploading it to the animals/custom folder.  Basic PHP programming experience is needed to create custom reports.  You can refer to the ‘’ as an example of how to create a custom report.  Custom reports must have the following naming structure: (replace “xxx” with the name of your report).

Custom Functionality

With some PHP programming knowledge, you can add custom functionality to the Animal Assessment, Animal Medical, Adoption, and ET screens.  ShelterOps searches the animals/custom folder to determine whether any of the following files exist:


Custom Forms


ShelterOps comes with several preformatted forms to which you can add your own custom content via Animals >> Settings >> Forms.

Adoption Contract                  print_adoption.php
Adoption Receipt                    print_adoption_receipt.php
Animal Intake                         print_animal_intake.php
Cage Card                              print_cage_card.php
Euthanasia Authorization       print_et.php
Foster Agreement                  print_foster.php
Rabies Certification               print_rabies.php
Return To Owner Agreement print_rto.php

If you need to add additional data to forms or would like to modify the form’s layout or appearance, you will need to create a custom form.  Custom forms need to be saved to the forms/custom folder.  ShelterOps searches the custom folder and if a match is found, it will use the custom form instead of the default form.  Custom forms must have a ‘custom_’ prefix added to the original form name (for example: custom_print_adoption.php)

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