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Features Overview

ShelterOps is open source software released under the GNL license.  The software is free to use, modify and adapt as needed. You own your data. Core Modules Core modules are enabled by default.Setup Module Theme selection Maintenance mode Restricted hours Change log enteries FTP settings Announcements Client Management Customer Profiles Contact information ID information Integrated … Continue Reading

Support Services

Would you like to conduct a needs assessment to help in deciding if ShelterOps is a good fit for your organization?  Don’t have technical staff available to install or setup the software for you?  For these or any other services, please contact us if you would like to contract Definity Group to assist.  Support services … Continue Reading


ShelterOps® is a free (open source) PHP based software program to manage animal operations for animal welfare organizations, animal shelters, animal rescues, wildlife rescue/rehabilitation facilities, animal control agencies (ACOs), municipalities and any other entities that need to track animal intake, dispositions, medical procedures, assessment, disaster response, etc.  It offers a basic Point Of Sale (POS) … Continue Reading