Transactions Overview


The Transactions module is a core module that integrates with the Products and Clients module as well as other optional modules to provide a POS-style interface for financial transactions.

Payment Types are configurable and 12 payment types are included by default.


Payment Descriptions are used by various optional modules to insert additional payment information in payment details.  Payment Descriptions can be configured and are silently recorded to the database.

A current feature request that is being developed is the addition of payment gateways to process and capture financial transactions, as well as integration of POS printers and cash drawers.




Completed transactions can be viewed on the
Invoice screen, which includes a printable sales invoice..  This screen also provides the ability to add additional
payments to an invoice, add additional items to an invoice, mark an
item as “Returned” (if payment has already been entered) or “Deleted”
(if a payment has not yet been entered).  Actions such as deleting a
payment or deleting an invoice can only be completed in the Clients
screen, and require that the user performing the action have Delete
permissions  Custom content can be added to the bottom of the invoice via Transactions Settings >> Forms.  If you want to modify the layout or other aspects of the invoice, you can do so by creating a new form.  This new form should be named custom_print_invoice.php and saved to the Forms/custom.  This will ensure your custom form is not overwritten during future upgrades of ShelterOps.


The reconciliation report provides a line item listing of transaction items (products), line item listing of invoices (transaction totals), as well as payment and returns.  It also includes a deposit summary, itemizing each payment method and corresponding amount received.  This can be used to reconcile cash drawers, charges, etc as well as for nightly deposits.  A General Ledger summary is also included, which groups transaction amounts with their corresponding Accounting Code.


The Transactions module includes the following reports:

  • Daily and monthly reconcilation reports
  • Basic search
  • Accounts receivable
  • Recent Transactions
  • Sales audit (to view deleted payments and invoices)
  • Productivity report



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