Features Overview

ShelterOps is open source software released under the GNL

  • The software
    is free to use, modify and adapt as needed.
  • You own your data.

Core Modules

Core modules are enabled by default.
Setup Module

  • Theme selection
  • Maintenance mode
  • Restricted hours
  • Change log enteries
  • FTP settings
  • Announcements

Client Management

  • Customer Profiles
  • Contact information
  • ID information
  • Integrated Google Map
  • Contact preferences
  • Custom tracking data with optional alert notifications
  • Status Bar – Module integration to display flags/alerts
  • Comments/notes integration

User Management

  • Unlimited users
  • Session login tracking with session ID resets every 30 minutes
  • Per module permission settings
  • For multiple locations, users are prompted to select their location upon login
  • PIN issuance for data entry – added level of security for unattended workstations or workstation sharing
  • Integrated user manual allows the creation of help topic for users.  Topics can be created per module, and are searchable by module or keywords.


  • Unlimited products and flat discounts
  • Optional tax per product
  • Accounting code integration
  • Can limit products to specific locations or all locations
  • Can limit categories to specific locations or all locations
  • Include/exclude products from inventory management
  • *Product options limited to size (SM-XXXL)
  • Basic inventory management and reporting
  • Per product:
    • Inventory summary
    • Sales summary
    • On Order summary
    • Manual inventory adjustments


  • Custom payment types
  • Invoice editing
    • Add payments
    • Add additional items
    • Delete item (if no payment has been tendered)
    • Refund an item (if payment has been tendered)
  • Point Of Sale transaction screen
  • Daily transaction reporting – nightly/monthly reconcilation
  • Basic reporting for sales by product and accounts receivable
  • *Payments and transaction notifications are not currently processed through ShelterOps

Optional Modules

Optional modules can be enabled/disabled as needed.


  • Track Intake, Assessment and Disposition data
  • Optional Asilomar, Foster and Medical tracking
  • Display available animals on your website
  • Optionally assign animals to different organizations (if more than one client location is configured)
  • Status Bar – displays custom flags/alerts from Assessment, Medical, Foster, Holds
  • Comments/notes integration
  • Photo integration (if Photos module is enabled)
  • Reports
    • Advanced administrative search (historical/statistical information)
    • Daily intake
    • Annual statistics
    • Occupancy report
    • Blank forms for offline use
    • Can include custom reports
  • Automatic “Current Age” calculation
  • Customizable Forms
    • Animal Intake
    • Adoption/Disposition contract
    • Adoption receipt
    • Requested euthanasia
    • Return To Owner
    • Cage card
    • Rabies certificate
  • Export to your website, PetFinder and AdoptAPet
  • Customizable fields
    • Breeds (currently integrated with PetFinder breed/species list)
    • Colors
    • Animal locations
    • Coat types
    • Intake reasons
    • Disposition types
    • Hold periods
    • Where acquired
    • Assessment types
    • Hold types
  • Stray matching with optional Lost/Found module
  • Optional – Foster management
    • Custom foster data with optional alert notifications
    • Basic search and reports
    • Customizable foster agreement form
    • Easy transfer to adoption screen
  • Optional – Holds
    • Tracking of potential adopters
    • Custom hold reasons with optional alert notifications
    • Easy transfer to adoption screen
  • Optional – Medical management
    • Treatment categories and items
    • Optionally limit items to a specific location
    • Inventory summary
      • “Who Received”  display
      • On Order summary
      • Manual inventory adjustments
    • Scheduled treatment regimens (by checking “Scheduled” when entering procedures)
    • Custom medical data with optional alert notifications
    • Rabies certificates – linked to treatment items
    • Printable public Medical record
    • Printable internal Treatment record
    • Comments/notes integration – optionally public or internal
    • Reports
      Scheduled surgeries
      Treatment regimen reports (filterable)
  • Optional – Asilomar
    • Integrated with Assessment and Disposition (ET) screens
    • Customizable Asilomar classification
    • Includes optional Asilomar Committee data for animal evaluations


  • Maintain lost and found reports
  • Finder/Owner contact information
  • Animal information/description
  • Search integration
  • Integrates with Animals module to display inhouse matches for lost reports.


  • Track wildlife intake and dispositions
  • Includes tracking of wildlife transports and rehabilitators in dispositions
  • Reports
    • Annual report
    • Pending wildlife
    • Received wildlife
  • Medical tracking
    • Treatment categories and items
    • Optionally limit items to a specific location
    • Inventory summary
    • “Who Received”  summary
    • On Order summary
    • Manual inventory adjustments
    • Scheduled treatment regimens
    • Custom medical data with optional alert notifications
  • Inventory management
  • Customizable fields
    • Intake reasons (contains 54 pre-configured reasons)
    • Ages
    • Dispositions (per federal reporting status)
    • Who referred
    • Animal Locations
    • Custom data type tracking

Licensing and ID tags

  • Integrates with Products module
  • Optionally enable/disable the licensing or ID tracking functionality
  • Issue ID tags
  • Search by ID tag
  • Issue animal licenses
  • Unlimited license types
  • New issue
  • Renew
  • Lost ID
  • Status updates (deceased)
  • Configuration options
    • Optionally limit expiration to match rabies expiration
    • Issue single year or multi year licenses
  • Search by license ID
  • License issued export


  • Integrates with Products module (for trap selection)
  • Trap tracking by individual trap ID, etc
  • Alert notification for overdue traps
  • Customizable trap loan agreement
  • Capture deposit information
    • Trap deposits are not added as financial transactions, with the assumption that deposits are held until the trap is returned or the deposit is forfeited.
  • Reports
    • Overdue traps
    • Repeat borrowers

Animal Control

  • Dispatch calls
  • Incident reports
  • Case management
  • Integrates with Clients, Animals, and Lost/Found modules
  • Custom data tracking with optional flag/alert fields
  • Comments/notes integration


  • Integrates with Animals module
  • Allows users to upload photos
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