Products Overview

 The Products module is a core module that integrates with the Transactions and Clients module as well as other optional modules.

Product fields include image, description,  category, accounting codes, brand, vendor, sku, buying price, selling price, taxable, starting stock, reorder level, manual inventory adjustments, and product location (if your organization has more than one location defined).

You can define whether you need to collect taxes on certain products and the current tax rate via Products >> Settings.

If you have more than one location, categories and/or products can be configured to only display to the user’s location.  This feature only applies to sales originating from the Transactions screen.

Configurable options for Products include Category, Brand, Vendor, and General Ledger (accounting).

Basic inventory functionality exists, which includes a searchable stock and sales report.  Individual products can be configured to allow manual inventory adjustments (add or pull stock).

Basic discounts (flat rate) are also added through the Products module (discounts are defined through negative pricing: -10.00)

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