Category: Core Modules

Clients Overview

  The Clients module is a core module with which all other modules interact. It maintains contact information for individuals as well as their activity with other modules. The Client record screen displays a list of the transactions and activities associated with the client.  The client status bar displays overviews and alerts as well as … Continue Reading

Products Overview

 The Products module is a core module that integrates with the Transactions and Clients module as well as other optional modules. Product fields include image, description,  category, accounting codes, brand, vendor, sku, buying price, selling price, taxable, starting stock, reorder level, manual inventory adjustments, and product location (if your organization has more than one location … Continue Reading

Transactions Overview

  The Transactions module is a core module that integrates with the Products and Clients module as well as other optional modules to provide a POS-style interface for financial transactions. Payment Types are configurable and 12 payment types are included by default.   Payment Descriptions are used by various optional modules to insert additional payment … Continue Reading

Clients Setup

Client Cities To setup the Clients module, you will first need to create Cities.  States are already included with the initial installation of ShelterOps.  Click on the Client Cities link on the Clients Setup page and enter all cities that might be associated with Client locations.  By default, only users with the “Setup” permission can … Continue Reading

Deleting An Invoice

An invoice can be deleted by users with Delete permissions. An invoice can only be deleted after all payments and sales items have been deleted.  A notice will display if there payments or sales items are associated with the invoice. You must first delete the associated payment, then you will be able to delete the … Continue Reading

Setup Overview

The core Setup module allows users with Setup permissions to define global settings.  These settings include: Theme selection Maintenance mode Place software in maintenance mode.  This setting restricts access to the software to all users that do not have Setup permission while in maintenance mode. Restricted hours This setting allows you to restrict access to … Continue Reading

Products Setup

Before you can create products, you will need to create General Ledger (Accounting) codes and Categories.  General Ledger codes are mandatory, but if your organization does not use accounting codes you can create a psuedo code and assign all products to this one code as you create them.  Vendors and Brands are optional. Create products … Continue Reading

Users Overview

The ShelterOps user module allows administrators and other users with Users permissions to add and modify who can interact with ShelterOps. A list of recent users as well as a tally of the number of ip addresses which have accessed the software is also available. Admin Level Permissions   Administrator Level permissions include:  Setup, Delete, … Continue Reading

Editing Invoices, Items And Payments

Invoice Items The following options are available on the Invoice screen after an invoice has been created: Adding a new item Returning an item (if a payment greater than $0 has been tendered) Deleting an item (if no payment or a payment equaling $0 has been tendered) Returning and deleting items is captured and stored … Continue Reading