Category: Maintenance

Known Issues

Some versions of Chrome do not print or prints blank pages

Troubleshooting Common Issues

My PIN is suddenly not being accepted If your correct PIN number is displayed in the “Invalid PIN Number” error dialog box and you were previously able to enter or modify data using your PIN number and you are on the same computer that previously accepted your PIN number, there may be a temporary delay … Continue Reading

Updating ShelterOps

  Users with Setup permissions can view the ShelterOps About screen (located on the home screen) to determine if newer releases are available.  It is strongly recommended that you create a full backup of your ShelterOps files as well as database before installing updates.  View the CHANGELOG.txt file prior to updating.    If any other … Continue Reading


Basic backup has been added which allows users with Setup permissions to create a MySQL backup which is stored on their server.  However this new feature has undergone minimal testing.  It is recommended that you routinely create manual backups of your file structure as well as your database, or opt-in to backup services through your … Continue Reading

Data Integrity

The integrity of your data is only as reliable as the users who enter the data.  Developing well-documented SOPs and providing routine training is strongly recommended. Routine monitoring of the Recent Activity log (located on the home screen) as well as the Audit logs within some modules will allow you to monitor whether users are … Continue Reading