Clients Overview


The Clients module is a core module with which all other modules interact. It maintains contact information for individuals as well as their activity with other modules.

The Client record screen displays a list of the transactions and activities associated with the client.  The client status bar displays overviews and alerts as well as a link to Google map file of the client’s location. Overviews are dependent on which optional modules are enabled and may include an accounting alert (balance due/owed), number of animals relinquished, number of animals adopted, number of wildlife turned in, etc.

The Client map in the status bar may be beneficial if an organization provides animal adoption services and wants to quickly verify that a residence exists, determine the type of residence (apartment or single family home), find directions to the location for an inspection, whether the property has an enclosed fence, etc.

The Clients module also allows defining client types.  This configurable field can be used to group Clients into categories (such as “Staff”, “Member”, etc) to be used for searches and reports.

The Clients module includes a merge function, which also searches for duplicate clients, and a search which allows results to be printed or exported to CSV.


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