Category: Initial Setup

Understanding Locations Setup

ShelterOPs has the capability to be setup for one or more physical locations and/or entities.  This may be beneficial if you represent a municipality with more than one precinct and need to track animals within each physical location.  Or you are an animal shelter who also provides contracted ACO services and need to separately track … Continue Reading

Automate Data Exports

Exports of animal data can be performed manually by clicking on the appropriate export button under Animals >> Settings or Wildlife >> Settings. If you would like to automate exports of data, you can add a Cron Job (a scheduled task) through the control panel of your website hosting account.

Security Settings

ShelterOps is designed to require a username and password to log in.  Once logged in, a user can only access modules in which the user has been given permission.  Access permissions can be defined per user for each module from within the Users module, with additional admin level permission also available (Delete, Reports, Users, Setup, … Continue Reading

Setup 101

The very first thing you should do is view the admin user account under Users, record the PIN number for this user, and immediately change your username and password (and store this somewhere safe for future reference).  You will need this PIN number in order to add or modify any software settings. The first configuration … Continue Reading

Importing Data

Importing legacy data should be done via a MySQL interface.  Many of the database tables include a column to facilitate mapping (importKey).  Standardizing and importing legacy data is typically the most time/labor intensive portion of migrating to any new software program. 

Implementation Considerations

One of the key benefits to using any data management program is having the ability to enter, manage and disseminate information.  The data, however, is only as reliable as the users that enter the information.  With the exception of text fields, the majority of input fields in ShelterOps are Select (or dropdown) options.  This attempts … Continue Reading