License Setup


The License module is dependent on the Animals module.

  1. Create a license category in the Products module (or leave the default setting if you are using the demo data)
  2. Create a product in the Products module for each license type you will be issuing. Each license product must have the license category defined.
  • With the exception of a replacement tag fee, fees that are associated with licenses but are not an actual license or required a printed license (late fees, inspection fees, etc) should be created in a different product category (such as “Fees”) so that they do not pull up under the license type options.
  • Enable the License module in Tags Setup
  • Enter the Category ID of the category that contains license types  (or leave the default setting if you are using the demo data)
  • If a seller ID is required for printed forms or reports, enter the Seller ID.
  • Define how license fees are calculated. If license fees are calculated based on the number of years a license is issued, change this setting to 1. If licenses have a flat rate regardless of number of years issued (multi-year discounted licenses) change this setting to 0.
  • Define how license expiration dates are calculated. If the license expiration date if dependent on (and can not exceed) the rabies expiration date, change the setting to 1.

Custom License Printing

the Setup screen, you can add custom content to the printed license form.  This
custom content will be displayed on the document along with the relevant
information for that document.  You can further customize the
appearance and/or content of the documents by copying/pasting the
contents of the /forms/
print_tags.php file into a new file with the prefix “custom_” so that the new file is named custom_print_tags.php and
storing the new file with your changes in the primary /forms directory.
This is the preferred method versus modifying the actual form, so that
your changes are not overwritten during future software upgrades.

Category: ShelterOps Tags-Licenses