Category: Animals – How To

Custom Reports/Forms/Functionality

  Custom Reports You can add custom reports to the Animals module by creating your report and uploading it to the animals/custom folder.  Basic PHP programming experience is needed to create custom reports.  You can refer to the ‘’ as an example of how to create a custom report.  Custom reports must have the following … Continue Reading

Display Available Animals On Your Own Website

To display a simple page which provides a listing of available animals, add a link to the following file: A future release will include the ability to include an iframe on your existing website, which will include filters to display by pet type or species.  

Add A Medical Procedure

If the optional Medical module is enable, and Treatment Categories as well as Treatment Items have been created, you will be able to enter and track medical procedures for each animal as needed.  These procedures can be entered as they are completed (such as intake exams, vaccinations, etc), they can be scheduled for completion at … Continue Reading

Add a license at adoption

  To streamline workflow and financial transactions, users can add a new license while processing an animal adoption and use the same invoice to process both the adoption fees as well as the license fees.   In order to add a license to an adoption transaction, the adoption Disposition contract and an invoice for adoption fees … Continue Reading

How To Export Microchip Data

To export animal medical information, such as microchip data, select the Medical Exports link on the Animal Reports screen. On the Medical Exports screen, select the treatment date range, the treatment category (such as Permanent ID or Vaccinations) and the corresponding treatment item (such as Avid or Rabies Vaccination).  Select any additional options that are … Continue Reading