Implementation Considerations

One of the key benefits to using any data management program is having the ability to enter, manage and disseminate information.  The data, however, is only as reliable as the users that enter the information.  With the exception of text fields, the majority of input fields in ShelterOps are Select (or dropdown) options.  This attempts to standardize data input, but this does not prevent user error (such as users who select the wrong or inappropriate option).

It takes the average user of any new software program approximately 2-4 weeks before they reach their “comfort zone”.  Training and documentation speed up how quickly users begin to feel comfortable and increase the accuracy of their input. 

Your ShelterOps implementation strategy should include developing (or updating) your organization’s SOPs to outline what, when, who, and how data is entered. 

Some constants in ShelterOps to include in your SOPs:

  • An animal medical procedure must be checked as “Scheduled” in order to appear in the “Scheduled Procedures” list (otherwise it is considered completed)
  • An animal fee donation must only contain the animal’s Contract number in order to appear in the Status Bar (ShelterOps searches sales items for exact matches)
  • An in-house animal only appears in exports or on your animal listing page if the “Available” box is checked.
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