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Animal Medical Screen

  If enabled via the animal setup screen, the animal medical button will appear as an option on the animal options menu and medical tracking will be enabled.  The medical screen provides the ability to enter individual medical procedures.  These procedures are defined under the animal settings screen via medical settings. Medical procedures can be … Continue Reading

Animal Comments Screen

If enabled via the Animal Setup screen, the Animal Comments button will appear as an option on the Animal options menu.  The comments screen displays all comments  on a single page that have been entered in the various animal screens for a specific animal. This allows users to quickly review all comments for an animal … Continue Reading

Animal Assessment Screen

The animal assessment screen contains information related to an animal’s behavior and captures information that may used be used to evaluate adoption matches.  It also defines an animal’s asilomar classification as well as cage card comments. Much of the information on this screen is utilized if data is exported to animal listing sites such as … Continue Reading

Animal Details Screen

  The animal details screen is the intake record of an animal.  It contains information about an animal at the time of original intake and reflects either observations by staff or assertions of the  relinquisher.  It includes a printable relinquisher contract (both standard as well as requested ET).  If the Lost/Found module is also enabled, … Continue Reading

Animal Asilomar

  Asilomar classification is a pet evaluation matrix.  If the Asilomar module option is enabled via the Animal Settings screen, an asilomar option is added to the Animal Assessment screen which allows users to select an asilomar classification for an animal. An alert can also be optionally added to the animal status bar if an … Continue Reading

Animals Overview

The optional Animals module is one of the larger modules within ShelterOps, and contains several additional module options (Add-ons). Features Track Intake, Assessment and Disposition data Optional Asilomar, Foster and Medical tracking Optionally assign animals to different organizations (if more than one client location is configured) Status Bar – displays custom flags/alerts from Assessment, Medical, … Continue Reading

Animal Customization

  The Medical, Assessment, and Adoption sections of the Animals module can be programically extended to include custom information and/or functionality.  These customizations can be  accomplished by modifying the corresponding files located in the /modules/animals/custom folder. Additional custom reports can be created.  Custom reports should be stored in the /modules/animals/custom folder.  ShelterOps will search the … Continue Reading

Disposition Classes

Beginning with version 2.01, disposition classes were added so that dispositions could be grouped by the current status of an animal.  This setting allows custom dispositions to be categorized by purpose and streamlines reporting and data discrepancy identification. The 4 disposition classes are Intake, Interim, Final and Placed. The default dispositions are categorized as follows: … Continue Reading

Animal Dispositions

Dispositions track an animal’s status history within your organization. How your organization processes dispositions should be documented in your SOPs. There are 12 disposition types included by default in Shelterops.  Dispositions are assigned a class in order to identify whether the disposition is an initial disposition, an interim disposition, or a final disposition.  The primary … Continue Reading