ShelterOps is open source software released under the GNL license.  This means that the software is free to use, modify and adapt as needed.

The benefits of open source software include:

No initial purchase or annual licensing fees

No per-user annual fees or installation restrictions

Can modify/customize the code without violating licensing agreements (no proprietary software restrictions)

Because open source software is free, there are no costs associated with purchasing or using the software. The primary costs of open source software are same as if you were purchasing proprietary software, without the initial price tag of purchasing proprietary software, usage restrictions, and annual per user/per location licensing, and annual maintenance contract requirements.  Considerations of possible costs in implementing ShelterOps for your organization should include:

The costs associated with installing ShelterOps and configuring it to meet your needs.

The cost of mapping and importing legacy data.

The costs associated with maintaining, customizing and updating the software.

Staff training

Download ShelterOps at Sourceforge

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