Animal Medical Screen


If enabled via the animal setup screen, the animal medical button will appear as an option on the animal options menu and medical tracking will be enabled.  The medical screen provides the ability to enter individual medical procedures.  These procedures are defined under the animal settings screen via medical settings.

Medical procedures can be set so that scheduled regimens can be added that include a start and end date.

Both a medical chart (to provide to clients) and a treatment chart (to be used internally) can be printed.  Search features have been added the animal reports section which include a surgery list and a searchable procedures list to view scheduled procedures/regimens.

Custom “Medical Status” fields can be defined under the Medical Type screen of the Animal Settings page under Medical Settings.  The custom criteria can also be flagged so that if a user selects an item (ie Medical Hold), an alert icon will be added to the animal’s status bar.


Category: Animals ShelterOps