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Wildlife Overview

Photos Overview

Change The Display Name Of A Module

For example, if your organization would prefer to change the “Animal Control” module name  so that it displays the word “Incidents” or “Cases” rather than “Animal Control”, the name of a module and its display in the navigation menu can be changed by visiting the Settings page of the module and modifying the “Module Name” … Continue Reading

Setup 101

The very first thing you should do is view the admin user account under Users, record the PIN number for this user, and immediately change your username and password (and store this somewhere safe for future reference).  You will need this PIN number in order to add or modify any software settings. The first configuration … Continue Reading

Custom Reports/Forms/Functionality

  Custom Reports You can add custom reports to the Animals module by creating your report and uploading it to the animals/custom folder.  Basic PHP programming experience is needed to create custom reports.  You can refer to the ‘’ as an example of how to create a custom report.  Custom reports must have the following … Continue Reading

Theme Options

You can control the appearance of ShelterOps via Themes.  There are currently 4 optional themes available in ShelterOps.  Three additional themes are also being developed.  You can defined your preferred theme by accessing the Setup module and entering the theme name in the appropriate field. Themes shelterops BoldBlue shadesOfGray OfficialGreen

Logo Usage

The ShelterOps logos and icons are the property of Definity Group LLC. 

Setup Overview

The core Setup module allows users with Setup permissions to define global settings.  These settings include: Theme selection Maintenance mode Place software in maintenance mode.  This setting restricts access to the software to all users that do not have Setup permission while in maintenance mode. Restricted hours This setting allows you to restrict access to … Continue Reading

Display Available Animals On Your Own Website

To display a simple page which provides a listing of available animals, add a link to the following file: A future release will include the ability to include an iframe on your existing website, which will include filters to display by pet type or species.