ShelterOps® is a free (open source) PHP based software program to manage animal operations for animal welfare organizations, animal shelters, animal rescues, wildlife rescue/rehabilitation facilities, animal control agencies (ACOs), municipalities and any other entities that need to track animal intake, dispositions, medical procedures, assessment, disaster response, etc.  It offers a basic Point Of Sale (POS) system for services, licenses, merchandise and general ledger integration for accounting, as well as several optional modules to extend functionality (traps, tags, products, incidents/dispatch management, photos, wildlife, etc).  The animal module includes the ability to export data to PetFinder, Adopt A Pet or your website, as well as manage medical procedures, track treatment regimens, asilomar classification and more. ShelterOps can run on a web server or be installed on a local WAMP server and can be configured for multiple locations.

The core and optional modules within ShelterOps provide the framework to create a customized solution to fit an organization’s needs.  Configurations can include (but are not limited to):

                        Animal welfare and rescue organizations

                        Municipal and state agencies

                        Wildlife rescue/rehabilitation facilities

Modules can be enabled or disabled, and user permissions are module-based, so users can access only to those modules they need in order to perform their specific tasks.   Installs on the web or local server using LAMP/WAMP.  Users can access it through an internal network or on the internet through a browser.  Staff in the field or at multiple locations can update data anywhere/anytime.  The ability to define multiple locations allows organizations to statistically track acivities per location/organization/division/precinct/etc.

Disaster Response

Due to its flexibility, ShelterOps can be quickly deployed to serve as a centralized repository of data management for use in animal disaster response.  This would allow ICS command, law enforcement, field personnel, staff and permitted volunteers to manage data and track animals spanning multiple locations. Using the integrated animal display, found animals could be publicly displayed as soon as they are entered into the database. 

Using ShelterOps as a central data repository for wildlife-related disaster scenarios streamlines tracking of intake and dispositions.  Future features will include the ability to track wildlife incidents (such as law enforcement) in addition to the existing animal incidents.


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