definity group (d-'fin-i-tee gr'oop) pron.

  1. Definity Group has provided a diverse range of web-based products and services since 2002.   These include -  Website development utilizing Drupal.   Development and maintenance of ShelterOps, free open source software used by animal shelters and wildlife organizations.   Domain name brokering.   And management of our own unique internet properties.

the goal...

To deliver a purpose-driven website that engages your users, meets your business objectives, exceeds your expectations, and makes your competitors envious. Understanding your business objectives, organizational structure, the needs of key stakeholders, and your offline marketing and branding strategy will help direct the design and development process.


  • Website consulting
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Website support services
  • Domain name sales
  • CMS Solutions
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